Revo’lution 2013

Cover-smallHello friends!

I hope you all had a Merry Christmas and I wish everyone a Happy and Healthy New Year!

I am really enjoying being off work for a few days and I’ve been doing art whenever possible.   We spent Christmas day with my parents and yesterday we had Tony’s friend Nigel come for lunch.  Today we have had a day on our own and tomorrow more family arrive.

When I have had time I have been working on my 2013 Revo’lution book.  Last year the words in my Revo’lution book were: Inspire, change, kindness, authentic, gratitude and abundance.  It is a book I pick up often and think about the intention behind making the book.  All I can tell you is that it’s a fantastic exercise and (for me) much more beneficial than making New Year’s Resolutions, which I can never keep.

This year the words in my Revo’lution book are: connect, grow, focus, share and reflect.  I wanted to have a line running through the book which would connect all the pages together.  There are very few words or explantion of what the book means, that is because producing the book was almost like a meditation.  On each page I gave the word intention in every action of producing the page.  I can look at each page and know exactly what want to attract into my life.

To find out more about this excellent process please go over and visit my friend Gretchen Miller.  Gretchen introduced me to this wonderful process in 2011.  So above is the cover and below are all the pages of my 2013  Revo’lution book, which is a repurposed children’s board book:


Page-3-smallPage-4-smallPage-5-smallWishing you success in all your endevours in the coming year.

Big love


6 thoughts on “Revo’lution 2013

  1. Beautiful pages! I love the flowing line that connects them all.
    Also loving the sock monkey’s -how cute are they???
    Hope you had a fab Christmas and wishing you a very happy New Year!

  2. Hi AJ! I love your pages! Having different journals with different themes and purposes is the way I like to go, as well! As usual thanks for inspiring and uplifting our energies! Happy New Year! Kartika 🙂

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