Pigs can fly!


Hello friends

I am in desperate need of some bright colours at the moment so here is another page from my Teesha Moore inspired journal.  The image of the pig and the ‘Who says pigs can’t fly’ slogan were cut out of a ‘pigalogue’ I received at work.  There is a company is called Pig, they sell spill kits and absorbant materials,  they list all their products in a pigalogue instead of a catalogue – I love that.  The little pig has been sitting on my desk for weeks just waiting for the right time to appear in a piece of art.  And this was the page I made especially for him!

I am really fond of pigs in fact for years I tried to persaude my husband to let me have a pet pig, but he argued that a pig would a) grow far too big and b) would dig up his garden.  Both of which I’m sure are true.  So I have two cats instead, my Bengal Boys, Bill and Jack, and I’m totally besotted by them.  I suppose you couldn’t really have a pig sleeping on the bed with you could you?  Or could you!?  Well maybe if he took a bath first…

Pig in a Fisheye

So anyway my week has been a tad on the grey and boring side so far, but I’ve been trying to look at all the positives and one BIG positive for me is how much I love this style of journaling.  When my day got so dull I just wanted to bang my head against the desk, I got out my journal, looked through it and thought ‘Now that’s not dull, that’s really bright and juicy, and I did it ‘!  It’s such a shame I can’t actuallty do any art while I’m at work, but looking at  my journal lifts my spirits anyway.

I shouldn’t really involve myself in other people’s politics but I have to admit that when I heard the news this morning that Obama had been re-elected that brought a smile to my face too.  I feared that the alternative would have been such bad news for the US and the world.

Well I hope you are all having a great week, I am going to give myself a good talking to and ensure I enjoy the rest of mine.

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂



8 thoughts on “Pigs can fly!

  1. Hi Lovely
    Gosh I LOVE THIS IMAGE!!!!! your text is fabulous, well planned mine is always squewiff! Can I save a copy of it ?? I was born in the your of the Babe as I like to call it and here at Chinese new Year we do like to send things out to each other !! Your Babe would be fab for me to share…with all credit to your good self of course!!
    In the CHinese Horoscopes, babe people are known to be very very clever!!! hey ho, I can but dream! lots of LOve to you keep creating!
    Katie xxx

  2. What about a miniature pig? I say put it on your Christmas list! If you are ever near Cincinnati, OH they have a great flying pig marathon every year. The town used to be nicknamed Porkopolis because of the pig business on the river many many many years ago- so pigs are a big deal here…

  3. Hi Janette
    I completely LOVE your Pigs can fly illustration! I am currently trying to organise an event at our little tourist farm located in rurual South Australia 1/2 way between Adelaide and Melbourne) and wonder if I can get permission to use it on my promotional material?
    The town is trying to run a Fringe event amongst Covid restrictions as our artists (and tourism businesses) have been hit hard by Covid, but luckily nothing like the UK. Of course i would credit Janette Gregson and ajsartjourn. We are taking a punt on doing something outside our comfort zone to ensure Fringe had a chance to continue to support local artists.
    We actually have 4 piglets and two huge 300kg pigs at the farm. They are our favorites!!

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