Making Connections

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Hello friends

I hope all is good with you because everthing is fine with me.

This time last week I was at the Art Retreat.  Above is a journal page that I started in Teesha Moore’s workshop.  The main reason I decided to go to the Art Retreat was because Teesha was going to be there.  In 2007 I met Tracy and Trista Moore (Teesha’s husband and daughter) at the Lomographic World Congress in London.  I had known Tracy online before I met him in person and the three of us spent a lot of time together, I loved them both from the moment I met them.  As a result of that meeting I got to hear about Art Journaling.  Tracy carried around with him lots of cameras and a huge handmade journal which he encouraged everyone he met to write or draw in.  It was fascinating, but I didn’t think it was something I could do.

Some time later I thought to myself, “I wonder what Tracy Moore is up to these days” and I ‘Googled’ his name and I found Teesha’s YouTube videos about art journaling and that’s what got me started.

It was so good to see Tracy again at the Retreat and to meet his adorable wife Teesha.  What an amazing woman!  Unfortunately I was really unwell on the day I had Teesha’s workshop, I had a really bad headache and was sick a few times during the day.  Eventually I had to leave the workshop about 2 hours before the end as I needed to go and lie down in a dark room, but while I was there, even though I was struggling with health issues, I loved what Teesha was saying to us.  She is a very beautiful vibrant woman as you will see from her art work.  AND she is generous, she brought her wonderful journals which we were allowed to handle.  When you see the images on line they are awesome – when you see them in real life you realise they are priceless pieces of art but Teesha is not precious about them and shares everything she has learnt.  I am so happy to have met her and I truly hope that we will meet again one day.

Above is one of the pages I started in Teesha’s workshop but couldn’t finish.  Before Teesha left the Art Retreat she generously gave me a bag of pens so I could complete the work and I have been working on it this week in my spare time.  I love it!  It also sums up for me what the Retreat was all about.

I am so happy to have met so many beautiful, inspiring and supportive women.  Thank you to Erin, Simon and little Poppy – you all did a great job, thanks to Teesha, Flora and Orly – you were amazing and generous teachers, and especially I’d like to thank all the wonderful Wild Soul Sistas I met there.  It was awesome!

Big love

AJ 🙂

PS I can’t post any photos of the event yet because yesterday I left my camera with all my photos on it at a friend’s house!  I’ll retrieve it next week.

17 thoughts on “Making Connections

  1. Jeanette – this perfectly captures what the weekend was about for me too. I found my tribe and it feels fant-ab-u-lous!!

    You are so right about seeing Teesha’s work for ‘real’. It really does add another dimension!

  2. Your page is so lovely and so true, there is nothing better than feeling part of a group – even more wonderful when it is overflowing with fantastic talented people.

  3. Wow, your page is stunning, love the writing style and the doodles, looks like you learnt a lot from teeshas workshop, sorry to hear you were feeling poorly though. I so wish I could have gone to the retreat, from what you have written it sounds like it was an amazing experience…maybe next year! I love the sense of community the retreat seemed to have, seems it wasn’t just art it was real connections with some great people!x

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