Sometimes Life gets Messy!

Sometimes Life gets Messy

Hello friends!

I hope you are all having a great week, we still have sunshine here (although I think it will rain tomorrow) but it is definitely autumnal now.

I finished this spread in my 6×6 journal yesterday, it kind of reflects my state of mind.  Truth is I’ve been feeling a bit sorry for myself over the past few days.  I don’t like feeling like that because I’ve become a much more positive person since I started art journaling and I like being a happier person.  When I found out what my new job is, I was hugely disappointed, it seems the company can’t see the potential in me I had hoped they would.  I was really hoping that something good would come out of this change and I was a bit hurt to find out that what they think I am ideally suited for is data-inputting!

So I had a bit of a controlled rant at the poor girl from HR yesterday and got it out of my system.  Today I have been sorting out the task list and descriptions for the job I will no longer do so the company can decide who if anyone will take on the tasks.  I have also been inputting data in  ‘my new system’.  There are some good points to the new job, it’s still only 20 minutes drive from home, once I’ve learnt all the key strokes and idiosyncracies of the system it will be easy (so no brain stress there)  and … actually I can’t think of anything else.

Anyway I’ve decided to do the very best I can with it and maybe I can make something of it.  I’m definitely not going to be miserable about it anyway, I like me much better when I’m in a postive frame of mind.

The spread has ripped pages from old books collaged over it, and then India ink in red, green and white dropped on it and sprayed with water.  I stamped out the quote, which was really me telling myself to ‘just get over it’, onto a piece of paper, tore around the words and edged with black ink and stuck on the pages.  Finally I edged the pages with a white Portfolia water soluable oil pastel crayon.

Pretty quick and simple to do and I liked how it turned out.

See you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sometimes Life gets Messy!

  1. Great AJ page, love the merging of the paint. Sorry things are not going well with your job, hopefully things will look up soon and art journalling is a great stress relief! I am sooo jealous of your art retreat trip next week!!! I hope you have a fab time and please, please post some of the work you do, I would love to see it! also if the retreat is good let me know and I will start saving for next year!!
    The bands van getting stolen did sort of ruin the end of the evening (I had left by then as my daughter was finding the music too loud!) my Dad knows its not their fault but he can’t help feel bad about it. The band have had loads of support and equipment offered to them though on facebook, so at least thats something. x

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