August is here!


Hello friends

I hope you are all enjoying the summer, I am šŸ™‚

Here is my August spread for Kate’s 366 Calendar challenge ready to go and here is my completed spread for July:

July complete

I have to say it’s a struggle at times to keep up with this, but I’m still hanging in there and so are plenty of others, so pop over to Kate’s page and check out all the other calendar spreads, everyone is doing a fantastic job!

Still no news on what is happening with my job at the moment, I guess I will just have to wait a while longer before I hear.Ā  They are starting at the top and working down, at the moment they are looking at the management level above me.

Anyway I’m on leave now until Tuesday so I intend to enjoy the break and get some work done around the house and not worry about what might or might not happen.

Today my dad had his second flight in a glider, he and mum took the bus over to the airport and he got a flight, I am so pleased for him as it seems to be something he enjoys a lot.Ā  I will ask him all about it when I see him at the weekend.

Are you all watching the Olympics?Ā  Apart from the bit of the opening ceremony which I mentioned in my last post, I haven’t seen any, I’m just far too much busy to watch television these days and I’ve never liked sport, either as a participant or spectator.Ā  However I was totally chuffed that Bradley Wiggins won the Tour de France and now has won an Olympc Gold. Well done Wiggo!

That’s all for now folks

Big love AJ šŸ™‚

10 thoughts on “August is here!

  1. nicely done, I love August colors (complimentary), but a different layout than I’m used to…lol. I’m so old fashioned, I start the week with Sunday!! Keep up the good work…..ah, gliding would be fun, good for your dad.

  2. Congrats for hanging in there with this challenge. Every time I see yours I think it is such a treasure for you to have to look back at years from how. Fingers crossed for you that your job turns out the way you want!

  3. Fantastic calendar pages AJ, love the August one with the fish! I have dropped out of this challenge, I have missed the last 2 months and just cant find time to catch up with anything! I did it the whole of last year so am not feeling too guilty!!
    I dont know how I have missed your last 3 posts but have caught up with them now. I do hope everything goes ok with your job, fingers crossed x

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