Be Strong Live your Life

Live your Life be Strong

Hello friends

I hope your week is going well, mine has been a bit chaotic and it feels like Friday when it’s still only the middle of the week, I’m tired…

The spread above is from my A4 journal.  The pages already had some Adirondak Colorwash spray on them and I collaged torn book pages over the top, more Colorwash spray, acrylic paint and gesso.  Some torn 1950s wallpaper with geometric design, and the girl is from an exercise I did for last year’s 21 Secrets.  Through Tamara Laporte’s workshop I learnt that if you are not very good at painting faces (and I’m not) you can paint over an image of a face cut from a magazine or printed on your computer, by doing that you will get all the proportions right.  I loved this half face image of a girl in a turban so I printed it out and painted over it.  I think I need a lot more practice, but it looks more realistic than any other face I’ve tried to paint so I’m quite pleased with the result.  To me she has an arabic look, so I looked for some arabic text to put on my pages.  The text I found says something like Be Strong, Live your Life.  I printed it out in reverse and tried to transfer it to the page with gel medium it wasn’t very successful and is something else I need more practice with, but I think you should just be able to see some of the text :-).  Finally I printed the words in English big and bold.

The quote is appropriate for me right now because I’m struggling with a couple of things at work at the moment.  I know I need to stay strong and positive despite there being so much negativity all around me and the temptation to just get angry and give up.  I have to keep giving myself little pep talks to make sure I stay on course, it’s a challenge!

Wow!  I just realised that today is Summer Solstice, from now on the hours of daylight start shortening again.  People call it Midsummer’s Day but it’s not really that – often there is more warmer weather after the Solstice than there was before, I hope that’s true this year, because we haven’t had much of a summer so far.

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone and I’ll be back soon.

Big love

AJ 🙂


3 thoughts on “Be Strong Live your Life

  1. Great layout! I wouldn’t have known you painted over a face….in fact, my first thought was ‘when did she learn faces?’ It’s very nice.

  2. My journal helps keep me on the path I want to be on too. Pat yourself on the back for making the path for you that you want instead of giving in to the negativity! I love the face on the edge with such a rich raspberry color!!

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