Here comes May and that was April.

May 2012Hello friends!

I hope everyone is well and happy.

Here is my calendar page for May all ready to go, I’m excited because I think it’s going to be a good month.

April was apparently the wettest on record.  I know they say ‘April Showers’ but this was more like a monsoon at times.  It’s ironic because much of the south of England is currently under a drought order which basically means the use of hose pipes, sprinklers, etc. for domestic purposes is banned and we are being encouraged to be careful not to waste water.

People struggle to understand when we have had so much rain there is still a shortage of water, but two winters of less than average rainfall have left the ground water very depleted.  Although a drought in English terms has no comparison to a drought in Africa.  Here it means we have less water than we would like, in Africa it means there is no water.  The truth is that most of us take water for granted.  All my life I have been used to turning on a tap and clean water coming out of it.  I am sure that if I had to walk for hours a day and had to carry the water I needed, which even then would not be clean enough to drink, I would still treasure every drop.

Below is my completed page for April.

April 2012 completeSee you soon

Big love

AJ 🙂

16 thoughts on “Here comes May and that was April.

  1. Like your layout a lot. And so true about water. When I was twenty I moved from the East Coast of America up to Alaska and ended up living for 3.5 years without running water or electricity in small 12 x 16 cabin. I still thank my lucky stars every time I turn the water on to brush my teeth!! Cabin living is for the young and adventurous I’ve decided. Have a great month – hope the sun comes out.

  2. Lovely colour on both of your pages! Gorgeous! And yes, you are so right about us wasting water. Unfortunately May seems to have been just as wet for us in the UK 😦
    Well done for keeping up with the calendar – only the hardcore calendar journalers are left in now LOL!

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