That was March!

That was March!Hello friends

What an interesting month that’s been – I gave some presenations at work (something I couldn’t have imagined myself doing a few years ago), we’ve had some sickness, some worries at work, glorious summerlike weather, met Royalty and a fantastic Party on the Pier yesterday.

Above is my completed journal entry for March and below is how it looked at the beginning of the month.  I didn’t notice until I got to 12 March but I’d completely messed up with the numbering!  No wonder I got myself into such a pickle at work adding things up – sometimes I think I have number blindness, or maybe I’m just plain stupid?!  Oh well it all came good in the end.

I hope you had as interesting a month as I did.


Big love


2 thoughts on “That was March!

  1. He, he – that gave me a giggle – thought I was the only one who messed things up like that but it looks good, altered. Love the doodled bits on your completed pages. They look great!

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