21 thoughts on “Here comes March :-)

  1. So very pretty…although you know I’m now wondering about the two exciting things 😉 I really like this calendar challenge and almost joined in, just already had too many things going on–so thank you for letting me enjoy it through you!!! 🙂

    • Thanks Cat, the two exciting things don’t happen until nearer the end of the month and I am ‘sworn to secrecy’ about them at the moment 😉 I may have to buy a hat though 🙂

    • Thanks Trece, it’s funny I was only thinking earlier today ‘Oh it’s St Partick’s day in March perhaps I should have used that as my theme. Yes the background text is a Tim Holtz Reflections rubber stamp.
      Big love

  2. Love the color and the days of the week on the side. I think it’s so interesting how the pages “come alive” at the end of the month after the days are filled in.

  3. Beautiful colours all blended perfectly and the script in the background looks lovely! I like how you have done your LO this month x

    • Thank you Amy, I tried to leave a message on your blog saying how much I liked the bright colours of your March page and how you completed the Feb page, but I think Blogger threw me out! I’d love to tell you about how I blended the colours, but I’m really sorry I can’t remember, I think it just happened all on it’s own 🙂
      Big love

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