Advice from Albert Einstein

Advice from AlbertHello friends!

Thanks for dropping by.

If you could meet anyone in the world (dead or alive) who would it be?  I really think I’d have liked to have met Albert Einstein.  A man of super intelligence but with that little glint of mischieviousness in his eye and crazy hair.  I think he must have been one cool dude.  He said so many deep and profound things and I love using his quotes in my journals.

This spread from my 6″x6″ journal  is on a textured gesso ground.  I bought some tiny tubs of glitter paint (old stuff) in a charity shop and when I got home and opened them the paint, instead of being liquid or creamy, had set like thick jelly.  At first I thought I’m not going to be able to use it, I stuck my finger in and a great glob of sticky paint stuck to it.   I wiped my finger on my book to remove the paint and magic happened.  This lovely luminescent orange glow transferred to the page.  It doesn’t really show up in the scanned image but that orange sheen is just fabulous.  For some reason, not even known to me, I added pink and purple to the page.  Colours that really shouldn’t go together or with orange but I love the way it turned out.  I added pink flowery torn paper edged with purple ink and stamped over with some flower stamps.   There is something about those particular flower stamps that reminds me of the early 70s when I was young, all my friends were hippies and we thought we could change the world…

I added the quote from AE to finish the spread off. I hope you like it.

Big love


2 thoughts on “Advice from Albert Einstein

  1. Love the colors! Wish I could see more of the sparkle effect but I too have never found a good way to capture that with a camera. I’d love to meet Albert Einstein too and play on the Wii or Kinect with him. He had such an interesting take on life.

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