Why do birds sing?

Hello friends!

I hope everyone had a good Christmas and spent time with the people and doing the things they love the best.

We spent Christmas day with my parents and yesterday we had a friend over for lunch and went for a long walk along a beach.

My parents gave me a Love Links bracelet and two sets of beads for Christmas, it’s really lovely and something I will treasure always.  It was to replace the ring they gave me a couple of years ago.  I had that ring on my hand for a couple of months and then one day when I was working on the outside of the house it disappeared.  I was heartbroken about losing it and searched high and low but couldn’t find it.  Mum wanted to buy me a replacement ring but I thought the bracelet would be safer.

My husband gave me a Sizzix Big Shot (although he didn’t know that until I unwrapped it on Christmas morning, he just knew he had paid for a large box) and I’ve been busy embossing papers and cutting shapes when ever I’ve had a few spare minutes.

The spread above about the birds is not one of my most inspired but it happens to be the next page in the journal.  I’ve decided to share good and bad as it’s all part of the process.  This spread actually looks grubby to me and I have no idea where that dirty colour came from…

I am back to work tomorrow so I have to use today to catch up with a few outstanding projects.

You can see the gifts I made for my friends for Christmas on the Little Boxes and Things page.

See you all soon

Big love


3 thoughts on “Why do birds sing?

  1. Hi AJ. I think your little spread is very cute. I have so many that I feel are inadequate, lackluster, just kind of blah, so I understand how you feel. I guess every page we make can’t be a masterpiece!

    Glad you had a good holiday!

  2. Happy 2012! Your page and your bracelet match! I really like the details in your page – the edging details around the page, the textures, the color layers on the text and background! So glad you chose to share it! Sounds like you had a very creative Christmas – from the beads to the Sizzix. Do you have a favorite die so far? Have you started running everything through it? My favorite dies are “umbrella man” and the dress form.

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