Choosing to be happy

Hello Friends!

I hope the Christmas preparations are all going well for you all.  I’ve almost ground to a halt, I only have a few things left to do, but my enthusiasm has waned and it will be a last minute rush again as it always is.

I am astonished that I had to get to the age of 56 before I realised how I feel is only partially influenced by external things and I can actually make a decision about the kind of day I will have.  So I am choosing to be happy.  Of course I won’t always be successful but I am going to give it my best shot.  Well they do say that practice makes perfect, so I am sure the more I practice being happy the easier it’s going to get.

Please don’t get me wrong I don’t have any big issues in my life that make me unhappy, it’s just that I can be a bit of a moaner at times and I am beginning to really appreciate that everything is so much better when I stay in the positive zone.

This is the second spread in my small 6×6 journal.  The background is textured gesso with some acrylic and Inktense on the top.  I used little scraps of paper and some scraps from old books, which had been die cut and sprayed with Adirondak colorwash spray in plum.  I wrote the words with my atyou spica lavender pen and edged the pages with Adirondak Bright Purple Twilight ink.

I just realised that two weeks today will be Christmas Day (I almost swore!)  Oops I’d better get a move on!

See you soon

Big love


8 thoughts on “Choosing to be happy

    • Thanks Carolyn, I do this every year, if I start early (like I did this year) and get 90% of the Christmas preparations done, I get complacent and the last bit is always done in a panic, I just never learn!
      Ho, ho, ho
      Big love

  1. Your post reminded me of this quote from Abraham Lincoln: “Most folks are as happy as they make up their minds to be.” Our attitude definitely can make a difference.

    I like your new little journal. You have certainly made good use of your scraps.
    Hugs, Mary

  2. Ooh, I love purples–very nice pages! I do the same thing with holiday prep and gift buying–I get started early, but don’t finish–and end up doing the mad rush. Every year.
    p.s. Thanks for making the blogroll change to reflect my new/old website 🙂

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