Hello Friends, I hope everyone is well.

So this is the final bit to show you of my first art journal – the cover.  I left the cover till last for two reasons, firstly so that I could carry the journal around with the plain cover so it would not attract too much attention (although it did start to intrigue people as it ‘fattened up’); and secondly because while I was working on the journal the cover got covered in paint and dirty marks and by leaving the decoration until the end it meant that I could make the finished journal look ‘pretty’.

One day a friend saw the journal on my desk at work and without asking grabbed it and started looking through it, it felt a bit like he had picked up my personal diary and started to read it.  I don’t think he was very impressed.  He said “Who’s done this?” and I replied “Me” to which he enquired “And how old were you when you did it?”

On front and back covers there is gesso, collage, stamping, acrylic and watercolour paints and distress inks.

On the Front cover I added a little bit of bling and a panel with the title ‘AJ’s Art Journal’.  I found some big cardboard floor dominos made for small children in a charity shop.  I actually liked the images that were on the dominos but I also found that I could peel the shiney cover off them, decorate them and for the cover title I used glossy accents to give it a shine.  I didn’t know how to make a closure so I sewed a flower bead on the front and back covers and used a bit of fibre to wrap around the beads and form the closure.  I also added fibres to the wire spine of the journal.

The panel on the back cover is something I found by the waste bin at work, it’s an identification plate for a pump, and I coloured it with stazon ink, put two brads through the screw holes and stuck the whole thing on with glossy accents.

I’ve shown this image before but this is the finished journal.  I really love it and I’ve had so much fun making, showing it and I’ve really appreciated the encouragement, lovely comments and the new friends I’ve made.

Creative people are just The Best!

That’s all for now, see you soon

Big love


10 thoughts on “Completeness

  1. I am so sorry that that butthead was so dismissive of your art and art journal. I LOVE it, and want to make sure I’ve seen pictures of each spread. Your work and your book are beautiful, and I just wish I could make art that lovely.

    • Thank you Trece, your kind words mean such a lot to me. Actually the butthead is a good friend so I suppose he’s allowed to be rude, don’t worry I’ll get him back one day 😉
      Hope things are OK with you and yoru family.
      Big love

  2. Some people just do not get it, do they? It’s gorgeous–and I really REALLY love the picture with all the pages fanned out. Look at all those glorious colors! Now that Art Every Day Month is over, I plan to catch up on some of your older posts and photos *yea* 🙂

  3. I’m behind in my blog reading. Sorry your co-worker was such a jerk about your journal, not to mention not asking to look at it. I know you have put a lot of work and feeling into your pages.
    I really like the cover you made for this journal. I hadn’t made any covers for the same reason until the one for my newest journal.

    • Thanks Mary, my co-worker often says rude things to me, but I think that’s because he really likes me. I wasn’t offended anyway, although I was a bit shocked he just picked it up without asking (serves me right for leaving it on my desk I suppose). He is a fine art lover so I guess my little journal does look childish to him. Who cares anyway, we all know the process is more important than the finished product.
      Big love

  4. I love your cover, AJ! The back of it is just as pretty as the front! I think that was kind of funny about your co-worker, it shows how little he knows of art. I used to think the same thing actually, but now I know how much work it is to make those pages! They don’t look so childish to me anymore, they look beautiful, and I see much more than I ever saw before. Loving the journey and so happy to be sharing it with you!

    • Thanks Eileen, what’s been really good about sharing the journal is getting to know creative people like you, creative people are so supportive. I’ve got loads more to share, some similar and some completely different. It feels good geing creative again, I spent so much time concentrating on local history my ‘artistic’ side got neglected over the past few years, now I’m trying to do both at the same time! Anyway I’m glad you like it.
      Big love

  5. What a treasure to have – really love the photo with all the pages fanned out! Your coworker sounds entertaining – you say he’s a fine art person – oh, the fun you could have with that! There are many “fine art” artists that I think do childish work- they just had an entertaining personality or a very good agent.

  6. What a magnificent cover! Love your art journal pages and the colors you use! You are so gifted when it comes to journalling! Mine never come out unique yet amazing! Well done!
    Thank you for visiting my blog. I appreciate your kind comments.

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