The End and a Beginning

Hello Friends!

These are the last pages in my first art journal, and as I managed to complete a whole journal without actually journaling anything I decided to write some words of my own on these pages.  Next time I’ll show you the cover which I left till last.

Hopefully my journaling on this spread will explain what it has meant to me to complete my journal.

Well I’ve just about finished sorting out my work room.  It still looks really cluttered and that’s because there is simply too much stuff in it, but at least there is now a semblance of order.  As I said before it probably won’t last long because I am naturally an untidy person, but it’s done me good to have a clear out.   The piles of ‘Things to Do’ will soon start to accumulate again.  I gave up with trying to shred the stack of old personal papers as my shredder kept jamming up every few minutes, so I went outside and burnt them in our ‘burning bin’.  My two cats were fascinated, I don’t think they have ever seen flames before, fortunately they had the sense to watch from a distance.

Today I am going to Osborne House with my local history group.  It’s our winter outing.  Osborne House is where Queen Victoria, Prince Albert and their large family came to live on the Isle of Wight.  It’s a huge house in magnificent grounds and today it will be decorated for Christmas.  Because we are a history group we are having an educational trip (i.e. the admission fee is waived) and we will be having a guided tour and talk.  We will be giving a donation to English Heritage who are allowing us to visit today.  Afterwards we are all going back to a friend’s house for mince pies and tea.  It should be a good day.

Hope everyone is well and happy

See you soon

Big love


8 thoughts on “The End and a Beginning

    • Hi Eileen, thank you for your kind words. I have 6 more journals already started and 2 finished (I did the finished ones in 21 Secrets workshops). Osborne House is quite amazing, I have been there before. Today we just had a tour of the ground floor of the main house and it was good to have such a knowledgeable tour guide. Unfortunately we were under strict instructions there was to be no photography inside the house as everthing in there belongs to the queen. The grounds are so vast that it is possible to spend the whole day there just in the gardens, but we didn’t have time for that today and some of our members are not very mobile so we had a very sociable afternoon back at my friends house.
      Big love

  1. I hope you share pictures of your visit to Osborne House, too–sounds like a great trip! I’m so impressed with your first journal–I especially like the background on your “…Not the End” page–the floral red looks like a pretty vintage fabric 🙂

    • Thanks Cat , sorry but we were not allowed to take photos inside Osborne House, but there will be a report about the day on our website soon (I hope)
      I’m hooked on art journaling now so there will be plenty more pages (good and bad ;-)) and journals to come.
      Big love

  2. Lovely spread!! Sounds like you are starting to find your voice! Any chance you’ll be taking Julie’s “30 Days in Your Journal” class, or 21 Secrets 2012?? Love to play with you!!

    • Actually I missed out on the Mince Pies today, not sure what happened there, but they are traditional Christmas fare in the UK so there will be plenty more opportunities to eat some in the next few weeks. I’m a vegetarian so I have to make sure the ones I eat don’t have any suet in them.

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