If you want to get ahead…

Hello Friends!

I had the day off work today and I went to Chichester to do my Christmas shopping.  I left home at 7:30, drove to Fishbourne and got the ferry to Portsmouth then drove to Chichester arriving there at 9:30.  Chichester is a small city on the south coast, it has lots of interesting shops.  At first I didn’t think I was doing too well, I was doing lots of looking but not buying much.  Eventually I managed to get presents for most of the people on the list.  I also bought a few bits and pieces for myself: some trousers for work, some embellisments and charms from a £1 shop, and in a charity shop I found an A4 water colour pad for £2 and a large illustrated Victorian Songbook for £3 (it’s not actually Victorian that’s just what it’s about) it has some great illustrations that I will be able to use for my history group and also for my art.

I left Chichester at 1:30 and on the way back to Portsmouth I stopped off at Hobbycraft in Havant .  I always get excited when I go to Hobbycraft it’s a massive craft store and it’s so easy to spend lots of money there.

Before coming home I stopped off at a big shopping centre in Portsmouth and bought one last present.  Got the ferry back to the island at 4pm and was home at about 5pm.

My legs ache, my feet are sore and I’m shattered, but that’s the bulk of the Christmas presents out of the way, I just have a couple more to get then I can wrap everything and this year there should be no last minute panics.  I bought the present for my husband and also the present from him to me on the internet.  The present for him was delivered to my office at work and the present from him to me was delivered to home yesterday.  He has no idea what it is, so he says he is just going to wrap it up without opening it and at least that way one of us will be suprised on Christmas morning!

I had a long soak in the bath after I got home  then Tony served up delicious home made Leek & Potato soup and now I’m ready for bed.  I’ve got another day off work tomorrow so I might get time to do some art although I really should try and tidy up my room.

So anyway here is another grungy spread.  The images of the four lovely ladies in their hats is from the Graphics Fairy (thanks Karen), the other images may be as well (I’m sorry I can’t remember), the Graphics Fairy certainly is a wonderful source for the sorts of images I love.  For some reason the phrase ‘If you want to get ahead, get a hat’ always makes me smile, probably because it appeals to my sense of the ridiculous, and it seemed a perfect title to the spread.  The spread has textured gesso, acrylic paints, stamping, collaging and inktense watercolours to brighten it up.

That’s it folks, I’m off to bed, see you soon.

Big love


4 thoughts on “If you want to get ahead…

  1. Good for you getting it all done. I won’t even be doing much till the week before Christmas. Why did you say shattered – did you use up all of your “spoons”? Hope you rest up tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Trece! Here’s one of those times when we use the same language but different words. We (or at least I) use shattered to mean so tired I could drop. Now what’s this with spoons?
    My friend in LA fell about laughing when she asked me I wanted something to eat and I said I was ‘peckish’ she had never heard that word before, have you heard it? It means I could eat a little but not a huge meal.
    You know what they say we are two nations divided by a common language!
    Big love
    PS I still can’t totally relax about Christmas as I have several presents still to make, in my excitement at getting the shopping almost completed yesterday I forgot about them!

  3. Sounds like you had a good day shopping. I do most of my holiday shopping online these days and will stock up on other things this weekend. I try to avoid stores from our Thanksgiving until after the New Year. The crowds and traffic are terrible.
    I have never heard that quote about hats before, but it works nicely with your colorful spread. Every time I see pictures of that era, I am so glad women’s fashions are a bit more practical these days.
    Hugs, Mary

  4. You are totally on top of things!!!! You have your holiday shopping almost done! Wow! You’ve gone shopping and I have spent most of my art time today fixing a computer. Love the ways your colors blend and the subtle text peeking out!!!!

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