Think outside the box

Hello, I hope everyone is well and happy 🙂

After watching some of Journal Artista’s stencil tutorials I desperately wanted some stencils, but couldn’t find any locally.  Then I found this filigree cut paper and I used it as a stencil with some newly acquired Adirondak colourwash spray in Wild Plum and Cranberry.  I was so excited to try the spray, but so disappointed that all that happened was it made one almighty mess!  You’ll see the messy results next week, but I did like what happened to the paper it turned a deep purple.  This spread had already been created and I thought it was finished until I noticed that the filigree paper matched the design on the scrapbook paper I had used.  It is from the Papermania birdsong collection so I decided to rip it and add it to this spread.  The music paper came free with a craft magazine I bought years ago.  I really like the way these two pages turned out.

Big love


2 thoughts on “Think outside the box

  1. I am sorry your Colorwash did not turn out the way you wanted, but I LOVE this spread. The filigree cut paper really makes it stand out. Guess this was a “flopportunity”.

    Have you considered ordering some stencils from the US? I know international shipping is a pain. Blue Moon Scrapbooking ships internationally ( The Crafters Workshop stencils are practically weightless.

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