Follow your heart

I bought some packs of hand made papers from a local Pound shop, so this spread has lots of layers of torn paper, I love the papers that are translucent.  Unfortunately when I went back the shop had sold out, so I can’t get any more at the moment.  I used some gold leaf I’ve had in my cupboard for years, some little glittery heart stickers and white border paper (also from the Pound shop) and some pink acrylic paint.   I wanted to get a bit more ‘lightness’ into my art journal and I liked the way this came out.   My addiction to paper increases by the day! 😉

Big love


3 thoughts on “Follow your heart

  1. Come join us on Twitter! We always know when Rachel or JournalArtista are going to do a live show on Ustream and have a great time. (Maybe you’re already there!) Lots of people from UK. I only use Twitter for online art friends….you can sign up and “friend” me, Rachel, Paula and more! I’m The Scrap Pit!

    • Hi Eileen, I will try and do this later, but I have a problem with Ustream as every time I watch it my computer crashes after a while, I think (like me) it probably has insufficient memory!
      I’m OK watching YouTube and I just found your channel! I’ve only watched one video so far the one about DL’s travelogue, it’s lovely to hear your voice.
      Big love AJ

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