Live Life Out Loud

Live LifeOut LoudThis spread was inspired by some old music paper I found in an art magazine I bought years ago and never knew how to use before, fortunately I didn’t throw it away as I always knew it would be useful one day :-).

I did some layers for the background with acrylic paints and gesso and collaged torn pieces of the music score, some musical instruments I found in some vintage adverts on the internet and the laughing man, from an old advert for a comic act (I think).  I also used a Tim Holtz mini mask and I printed the heading on my computer.  I’m pretty happy with the finished spread, I like the light and dark effect.

I’m not sure I do live my life out loud though, generally I don’t like being the centre of attention I’m more the kind of person who just gets on and does things in the background.  Today though I did two things that did put me ‘in the spot-light’ (as it were) and whereas I would normally have been awkward and self-conscious today I felt confident and relaxed,  lots of people smiled at me and that made me feel good.

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