Note to self…

There is something in my life – a trivial matter but it causes me some anxiety and, even though I know it really is unimportant it still plays on my mind and I spend far to much time mulling it over.  It is almost becoming an obsession.  I know because I keep thinking about it in a negative way I now see the problem far worse that it actually is.  This is my note to myself that I just need to breathe and let go – concentrate on what I do that is good and worthwhile and stop stressing about things that don’t really matter.


Let GoThat’s good advice if only I would listen to myself and actually do it 🙂

There are lots of layers on this spread.  Most of the images are from ‘free to use’ stuff from the web and the more I look at it the more I can see the significance of how all the images came together:  the time piece and the two ladies because ‘the problem’ is historic, the two funny heads that can be one thing or another (two faced), the squawking crows; the word Snappy in the background, the pointing finger and the big scissors because I just need to cut myself off from that part of my life.  The white bit in the centre of the first page is a metallic white paint I bought, it gives a nice glow and I’m telling myself it signifies the light at the end of the tunnel.

On the other hand I could just be reading far too much into a collection of random images I made and then gave a title to.

We’ll probably never know 🙂

Big love


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