Free as a Fish!

There is something about fish that I really like, I love visiting aquariums and I’ll even walk into a pet shop just to have a look in the fish tanks with no intention of buying any.

Once I learnt to SCUBA dive just so I could dive on a reef just off Tobago.  It was fantastic, but not something I’ll ever do again.  I loved what I saw but there was something freaky about being so far under water.

Here is my art journal tribute to fish and the wonderful environment they live in.  I know the Octopus image came from The Graphics Fairy, maybe the shells too, but I can’t remember where the fish and the lady came from.  When I first started to collect images I thought they were just for my personal and private use, but now that I have decided to put my art journal pages online in future I will attempt to record and acknowledge my sources more accurately.

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