The secret of life…

I’ve used this spread as the header for my blog because these were the first pages that I was realy happy with. They have lots of layers because I kept doing things that I didn’t like, then I would paint over them, or try to remove the hideous layers (with a baby wipe). This is what Paula (aka Journal Artista) calls ‘Working through the Uglies’. If I hadn’t heard her say that on her Ustream channel I think I’d have given up. But I persevered and I’m happy that I did, I like these pages 🙂

I also like the words on these two pages – the secret of life is to enjoy the passing of time. It’s very true, from the moment we are born we just keep getting older. When you are young time stretches before you like infnity but as you get older it really speeds up and you realise that you have to enjoy each moment as much as you can. When I was young I thought that being the age I am now (mid 50s) would be awful, but the truth is it’s really fine, I’m OK with it, I’m content.

The very first layer on these journal pages, which probably only I can see now, are some shop receipts from a local shop from the 1920s. As well as trying to be creative I also have a passion for local history and heritage which you can check out (if you are the slightest bit interested) at this website: One day I intend to almalgamate these two interests and produce a Heritage Art Journal.

I’d like to thank the many, many people who put online ‘Free to Use’ collage sheets and images, people like The Graphics Fairy, Vintage Moth and many more too numerous to mention (and because I forgot to make a note of the names when I downloaded the images – sorry!). Every single one of you is so generous and so inspiring. Thanks!

Big love
AJ 🙂

8 thoughts on “The secret of life…

  1. Like you I’m new to mixed media and am loving it! Your two pages are really nice – your style is unique – and the saying is so true. I wish you success in all your art endeavors and your blog. I’m just now creating a blog (it will be called Barb Smith Studio) . . . I am scared to think about finally pushing the “publish” button!

    • Hi Barb

      Thank you for your kind comment on my blog and I look forward to seeing yours, I really know what you mean about being scared to push the publish button, just take a deep breath and got for it! All will be fine 🙂

      Let me know when your blog is up & running

      Big love

  2. I’m another newbie to art journaling. I would never have guessed that about you from just looking at your pages. You are off to a good start.
    I like all the vintage ephemera you include. It looks like it belongs there. When I try, I am never satisfied. Thanks for the link to The Vintage Moth.

  3. Layers make magic – and you made magic in your project! The movement creates a fun feeling! When I’m creating I often love a background layer so much it is hard to put more on top. This happens often to me when I start with old checks and receipts on the bottom. It ends up being like a secret I have with my art.

    • Hi Paula, all the thanks should be to you, you are so inspirational, I watch all your Ustream and YouTube videos and I just love what you do. I wake up in the morning now and I think hey I need to do some art before I go to work, it feels good to have some creativity flowing again so Thank You! Big Love AJ

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